Hi! My name is Luis, and I am travel addict.

I am obsessed. I love learning about places I don’t even know existed and don’t know if I will ever visit, I collect “useless” information. And I feel a strong urge to go to any place in the map I’ve never been.

I am a freelance Graphic Designer and I want to go global. Not as a designer, but mostly as a person.

I believe that travel truly, madly, deeply changes you, and there is no ‘right way’ to do it.

I am Mexican, so clearing customs and getting visas make things very interesting.

I am a food and drink enthusiast on an endless quest to find my favorite burger (as of today, it is in San Diego, CA). I will never find my favorite wine or beer, I could never take the serious responsability of choosing just one. But I did find my favorite fruit :) …

Pitaya AKA dragon fruit

I am an art lover, but not a snob: if I find a very beautiful cookie box, I will most likely keep it. And frame it.

I am not the most experienced traveler out there, but I’ve been around and I’ve finally decided to start sharing my experiences. I think the most important part of traveling is not only going places, but sharing stories, and I will try to do that in a funny, quirky, ‘curious’ way.

Paris, I (cliché) you.


Hi! My name is Luis, and I am a Mexican Curious.




…and I am currently an intern at Vagabundo Magazine.


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