An endless quest

I’m on an endless quest to find my favorite burger.

Burgers might be the best invention of man since fire. I’m even convinced that fire came as a result of this one guy desperately and instinctively craving a nice, warm, big, fat, greasy, chunky, medium-rare mammoth burger. I can’t imagine any other reason, really.

Anyway, this weakness for burgers is a bit of an obstacle when it comes to reading a menu in a new restaurant. My eyes start looking instantly for those six sexy letters and don’t care to read anything else. There are times when I have to remind myself there’s a whole new universe outside of burgers and I try something else, but when I hunger for one, nothing can stop me.

So, there’s this place right on Fifth Avenue in San Diego’s gorgeous Gaslamp Quarter. A cozy, relaxed, dim lighted joint with room for everyone and a little bit of a cosa nostra feel. Nicky Rottens.

Nicky Rottens

I tried several burger joints while in Southern California, and this is the place that has that one bite that exceeded my expectations. Not that I had any.

The menu has a total of 14 different options of burgers (among other stuff), and Rottens “Stinky” Burger was the one I went for. ‘Da one thata smella lika Nana Tutu’s feet’ it says. Turns out I was right about that cosa nostra feel. Oh, sweet Nana Tutu! I wish I could have your feet on my plate forev— ok, that didn’t sound very good. Apple-wood smoked bacon, bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and the house sauce went down very well with a deliciously hoppy pint of Stone’s Arrogant Bastard Ale. Plus, I was there on a Monday night, when happy hour goes until close and . Can this get ANY better? I don’t think so, that’s why it currently holds the top spot on my list.

No can imagine it? Well, I was so busy making out with it that I didn’t even think of taking a picture, so no food porn.

Downtown San Diego

3 thoughts on “An endless quest

  1. Burgers look like a perfect “international taste parameter” to me. There are burgers everywhere and i think that the best ones untill now (for me) are here, in Barcelona: Pim Pam Burger.

    I can send you some food porn the next time. hehehe.

  2. Food porn! Ford porn! The best burger for me was 2 for 10 bucks!, in downtown austin, we had 2 guinness each, for the low price of 20 bucks!!! And yes, burgers were awesome! The jackalope.

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